• Secret Private Investigations Agency
  • Secret Private Investigations Agency
  • Secret Private Investigations Agency




At S.P.I.A. we have an expert team of multi disciplined private investigators that can help you discreetly with a number of services to get to the truth of a situationfrom surveillance services to gathering evidence, corporate investigations, matrimonial and relationship investigations to private security and everything in between.


Specific activities of investigation, concerning:

  • the conduct and the public morality of a person;
  • the solvency and the responsible ness if a physical or juridical person, a potential partner in business; 
  • missing person (from home);
  • the identification of addresses;
  • the antecedents of a person;
  • the social-economic condition and moral-ethical condition of a person, of your actual employees and your future employees;
  • the certain moral-ethical and social-juridical dysfunctions in couple relations;
  • the properties that are the object of civil or criminal litigations, alienated to the purpose of horning the interests of a person in a trail;
  • the guarantee of protection against hacking information from your private life or from the activity of economic agents who want to keep it secret;
  • other situations of observing, following, supervisor and investigations related to the persons, the properties, the actions, the dates and circumstances that are the object of this activity, by strictly respecting citizens rights and freedom, as well as the legal provisions.