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If you are looking for a professional private investigation service then you have come to the right place. Our investigators have over 10 years trading experience in all types of investigations ranging from private matters through to commerical, legal & litigation, security and can even assist with spy technology equipment.

Each one of our private investigations is meticulously thought out right from your initial contact through the strategy implementation. Our highly trained investigators and offer confidential advice whilst carrying out each operation with the maximum level of discreetness and professionalism throughout.

If you would like a FREE CONSULTATION with an operative to discuss our private investigations please do not hesitate to contact S.P.I.A. today.

The activity of the employed private detectives can not be contrary to the law,  national security, public order or morality.

                In the exercise of their profession, employed private investigatores know and respect the ethical principles and the professional standards of the agency. 

Ethical principlesof  our private investigators:

  • as private practitioners of a profession are independent, autonomous and honorable.
  • as private investigators are required to maintain professional secrecy regarding the data and information derived from business activities, which are intended exclusively for the client, in accordance with the law.
  • as private in the profession know that we obey the law, ethical principles and professional standards agency.
  • as private conduct specific investigation at the request of individuals or legal entities, without prejudice to the right to privacy, family and private or other fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject.
  • as private investigators we know that our work can be internal or the legal agreements to which Romania is part of the national security, public order or morality.
  • as private investigators we may make investigations related to persons, property, facts, dates and circumstances covered by this work, in strict compliance with the rights and freedoms of citizens and legal provisions.
  • as private investigators will be available to all citizens who will seek our opinion.
  • as private investigators will be aware of all the laws that concern us in this profession, and other legal issues relating to both public and private, and we will stay within the law in all circumstances.
  • as private investigators we use methods and means of investigation which do not affect the rules of law or the rights and civil liberties.
  • as private will be fully aware that, working on a case, we are direct representatives of the client. Our conduct will always be honorable and professional so as not to affect in a negative image of our client.
  • as private investigators we always try to establish and maintain a dialogue with the customer right.
  • as private will always respect the client's wishes, except for cases where because of the gravity of the facts, documents and issues discovered we are required by law to communicate their legal institutions falling under the jurisdiction of those facts.
  • as private investigators we devote to each case, which we will take to accomplish professionally.
  • as private investigators know that no one is more important for us as a professional than the client. We serve clients with honesty, integrity, loyalty and dedication, with efficiency and professionalism.
  • will manifest as private professional integrity and conscientiousness, the purpose of our business is finding the truth, down to the smallest detail, the cause for which we were hired.